Young Chinese Startup QiKU Launches Their Impressive Flagship Phone in India

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What do you get when you combine China’s largest smartphone company and a Chinese internet security company? A new hardware OEM that just announced one hell of a phone for one hell of a price as they set their sights on the Indian market. About a year ago Coolpad and Qihoo formed a brand called QiKU which today launched what the are labeling “The Ultimate Flagship”, the Q Terra.

It’s one thing to attach words like “ultimate” and “flagship” to your product, it’s another to back it up with a product worthy of the superlatives. On paper it would appear that the Q Terra has mostly earned those praises. Although the Snapdragon 808 is hardly the forerunner of processors anymore, it’s still one of the best chips available and will remain relevant and powerful for a long time to come. Combined with the 3BG RAM, you get a phone that will handle any modern app you throw at it with no multitasking issues.

Courtesy of QiKU
Courtesy of QiKU

For bezel haters, the Terra boast the smallest borders around their 2.5D curved 2k/FHD 6″ screen at just 1.4mm that gives the phone a supposedly world-best 83% screen to body ratio.

Courtesy of QiKU
Courtesy of QiKU

The rear of the phone is even more interesting. It houses a fingerprint scanner and a dual camera setup that is rather unique. Both are 13 MP, but whereas the main one is a IMX278 color sensor 6P Lens/F/1.8 Aperture0.1 Autofocus shooter capable of 4K Videos, the second is a Mono IMX214 (black and white sensor) that captures the contrast and contours. The front camera is a fairly standard but still impressive 8MP.

Underneath that is a sealed 3700 mAh battery with Turbo Charging that QiKu claims can fully recharge in 70 minutes with 2 hours worth of battery life available from just 5 minutes of charging.


Courtesy of QiKU
Courtesy of QiKU

If there are any downfalls here it comes in the form of only 16GB onboard storage (yes that’s too little these days) and the phone launching with a skinned version of Android called 360OS that for now, that is built on top of Android 5.1 Lollipop. QiKU however, is quick to mention that a few performance and security features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow were ported into the 360OS. One of the best features is the ability to delete almost any pre-installed app.  As far as that limited storage hitch, the Terra does thankfully include a microSD slot which can handle up to a 128GB card.

Even if it’s not quite a king-of-the-hill powerphone, the Q Terra can more than hold it’s own, especially if it came at a great price. Oh that’s right, it’s only ₹19,999 (about $300) if you don’t mind using their invite system or ₹21,999 if you don’t feel like dealing with the wait and just want to buy the phone outright from Gadgets360.

The Q Terra is slated to be available in December.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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