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Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Gifts For The Fitness Fanatic


The road to the holidays moves ever onward! Our Holiday Gift Guide provides a few ideas to keep your favorite tech-lover happy this holiday season. We’ve already stuffed some stockings and kept your favorite audiophile happy, up next we’ll take a look at a few options for the fitness fanatic.

Zepp 3D Multi-Sport Motion Sensor and Platform


Wearable sensor that allows users to review and replay their swing in 360º and HD video, plus providing detailed analysis and trend reports sent straight to any iOS® or Android device

  • Users can review and replay their swing in 360 degrees and see their swing in HD Video
  • Compare your swings to pro athletes including Mike Trout, David Ortiz, Hunter Pence, Jennie Finch, Keegan Bradley and more
  • 3D motion sensor easily attaches to any bat, club, or racket using innovative sport-specific mounts
  • Sensor wirelessly transmits data to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth after every swing
  • Baseball: track bat speed, path, timing, angles at impact, trends and more
  • Golf: track speed, tempo, club plane, hand path, backswing position, hip rotation and more
  • Tennis: track shot type mix (serve, forehand, backhand, smash), power and spin (topspin, slice, flat) and more
  • Able to compare swings to pros and friends and share your swing data with others
  • Zepp application records critical data and provides analysis, personalized tips, drills and coaching
  • Sensor has an 8 hour battery life, weighs 6.3 grams and measures 1.1″ x 1.1″ x .39″

MSRP: $149.99

  Purchase from Amazon



Hyper-accurate armband heart rate monitor ideal for runners, joggers, cyclists, hikers, skiers and more – read our SCOSCHE RHYTHM+ review.

  • Employs patented optical sensor technology for highly accurate monitoring and measurement
  • Works with the most popular fitness apps like DigiFit, Runkeeper, Map my Fitness, Strava and more
  • Compatible with watches or smartphones that feature Bluetooth Smart or ANT+ heart rate data
  • “Breathable” neoprene armband, in small and large sizes, provides greater comfort and ease of use
  • IP67 sweat and waterproof construction means the same great accurate performance in both dry and wet conditions
  • Allows you to wirelessly workout up to 100 feet from your mobile device or exercise equipment
  • Lithium-ion battery provides up to 8 hours of workout time

MSRP: $79.99

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Misfit: Shine 2

Misfit Shine 2

Elegantly designed fitness and sleep monitor

  • Elegantly designed from aircraft grade aluminum; modular and wearable anywhere on your body
  • Tracks steps, calories, distance and sleep with ease
  • Includes a tagging feature for swimming, basketball, tennis, soccer, yoga, dance, and more
  • Multicolor LED lights show progress, tells time, and provides text & call notifications
  • Vibration motor gives Misfit Move inactivity alerts to keep you moving and wakes you up gently in the morning with a vibe alarm
  • Connect with Misfit Link to control your world—play music, take a selfie, or interact with variety of internet services and smart home devices
  • No charging required; user-replaceable watch battery lasts up to 6 months
  • Water resistant to 50 meters

MSRP: $99.99

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X-Doria: KidFit

X-Doria KidFIT

Wireless activity and sleep tracker promotes a healthy lifestyle for kids ages 5-13

  • One size fits all slap bracelet
  • KidFit motivates through consistent encouragement and fun, challenging goals for real world awards
  • Parents set activity goals and see stats and trends via the KidFit app
  • Scores of 100 for easy understanding
  • Rechargeable via USB and has an IPX3 rating with a splash proof design
  • Bluetooth syncs with your smartphone or tablet
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Available in Black, Aqua, Pink or Yellow

MRSP: $49.99

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Health o meter™ nuyu™ Activity Monitor

nuyu Activity Tracker

Helps you get active by coaching you toward your health and wellness goals with motivational tips and an OLED display to check your stats on-the-go – see our coverage of the nuyu activity monitor.

  • One of the only sub-$50 monitors with a display that conveniently shows your progress in real-time on OLED screen, so you know how many more steps you need to take to reach your goal
  • Helps you understand the data by working with nuyu™ Coaching Plans, 12-week goal-oriented wellness programs that work with the mobile app, so you don’t have to go it alone
  • Tracks steps, calories burned, distance, light, deep and restless sleep
  • Wirelessly sends data to the free nuyu™ app, so you can keep track of how active you’ve been
  • Water resistant up to 30 meters
  • Long-lasting replaceable battery lasts for up to four months, no charging needed
  • Exercise Mode lets you record time, steps, distance, and calories burned from specific activity
  • App integrates with Apple HealthKit, available on Google Play© and the iTunes Store©
  • Wear on your wrist, in your pocket, or clipped under your clothing; Interchangeable wristband is available in six colors: black, plum, kiwi, watermelon, light blue + navy

MSRP: $49.99

  Purchase from Amazon

Health o meter™ nuyu™ Wireless Scale

nuyu Wireless Scale

Sleek smart scale that makes wellness simple by sending weight information wirelessly to the nuyu app to easily track your weight and BMI over time to help with your health and wellness goal progression – see our coverage of the nuyu wireless scale.

  • Instantly syncs with your phone to send weight data to app via Bluetooth
  • Seamlessly collects weight and BMI data to make it easy to stay on top of your goal progression
  • Displays weight information on scale screen for instant feedback
  • Elegant glass platform holds up to 400 pounds and measures your weight in 0.1 lb increments
  • Features exclusive disappearing display, which only becomes visible when you step on, leaving a smooth glass surface while not in use
  • Sleek design fits with any décor, available in black or white

MSRP: $49.99

  Purchase from Amazon



Adjustable, sweat and splash proof sport earbuds designed for the active user

  • Two point bend-to-fit flexible ear clips and adjustable, pivoting drivers provide a secure fit and maximum comfort
  • IP4X splash and sweat proof rating designed to withstand the most rigorous workout activities
  • Features high efficiency dynamic drivers, providing full range acoustic reproduction to help athletes stay motivated
  • 3.5 ft. tangle-resistant, strain relief cable and antimicrobial earbud cushions prevent against moisture and bacteria buildup
  • tapIT remote and mic technology allows users to easily control music and take hands-free calls without having to access their phone

MSRP: $34.99

  Purchase from Scosche

Coloud: The Hoop

Coloud Hoop

Anchor sport earbuds designed for the urban adventurer

  • Every feature is optimized for making life easier for the athletes of today
  • Reflective cable makes you visible during the late-night run and the lightweight cable clip snaps onto your clothing, reduces friction noise and holds the cable in place at all times
  • Sweat resistant earbuds with front and back vents keeps runners in the urban environment aware of the noise from the traffic surrounding them
  • AnchorLoop adjusts keeps the earpiece secured in your ear while exercising. All without sacrificing the rich sound and deep bass for a full music experience.
  • Flat cable and ZoundLasso allows for a tangle-free life
  • Available in Electric Lime, Neon Orange or Solid Black

MSRP: $30

  Purchase from Coloud



Bluetooth, wireless adjustable earbuds with mic & music controls designed for the active user

  • IPX4 rated splash and sweat proof earbuds made with antibacterial material
  • Bend-to-fit flexible ear clips for maximum comfort
  • High efficiency dynamic drivers, providing full range acoustic reproduction to help athletes stay motivated during intense workouts
  • Reinforced wraparound strain relief cable, which also means tangle-free wearing comfort
  • Integrated mic and remote for hands-free phone calls and Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRP) controls to play/pause music, skip tracks and adjust volume
  • Up to 7 hours of battery life
  • Available in black/grey, pink/grey, or blue/grey color combinations

MSRP: $99.99

  Purchase from Amazon

Bracketron: TruSportPak


Lightweight, reflective sports gear keeps you connected, safe and hands-free 

  • Lightweight, reflective material is ideal for holding your gear during night runs or bicycle rides
  • Pocket expands for roomy, protected storage of smartphones, gadgets, cash, IDs and more
  • Pleated, water-resistant material keeps your workout essentials protected during any weather condition
  • Adjustable straps hold belt ends in place to eliminate interference and chafing for comfortable, hands-free use
  • Convenient pull-through for your ear buds keeps them safe and stable so your music or training program remains uninterrupted
  • SmartVu holds any size phone model and gives you easy access to your home screen
  • Available in black with grey, blue with grey, grey with orange, and black with yellow

MSRP: TruSportPak $19.99; TruSportPak SmartVu $24.99

  Purchase TruSportPak from Bracketron  Purchase TruSportPack SmartVu from Bracketron

Bracketron: TruRunner

Bracketron TruRunner

Lightweight, reflective pack makes it easy to carry your smartphone and other essentials while working out 

  • Perfect for recreational and competitive runners, this lightweight pack provides handy storage for your workout essentials
  • Stays in place with a fully adjustable belt for bounce-free stability and comfort; no slack or chafing
  • Features an easy-to-see, built-in reflector so passing driver and cyclists can easily see you
  • Slim-designed pocket expands for roomy, protected storage of smartphones, cash, IDs and more

MSRP: $19.95

  Purchase from Bracketron

Griffin Technology: LightRunner

Griffin LightRunner

Armband not only protects a smartphone during intense workouts, but its built-in flashing LED lights enable higher visibility at night for those who prefer evening strolls or night runs 

  • LED light-pipe illuminates armband for visibility at night. Choose from 3 light pattern settings: continuous, repeating or flashing for enhanced visibility
  • Comfortable neoprene armband is finished in a sculpted gTex™ cloth and rubber hybrid for structure and stability around a smartphone
  • A touch-through window gives unhindered access to the smartphone’s touchscreen and built-in fingerprint scanners
  • LightRunner fits iPhone 6s, Galaxy S6 and other smartphones up to 4.7″ and its adjustable velcro closure adjusts to arms up to 18″

MSRP: $39.99

  Purchase from Amazon

Hope a few of those ideas will scratch that healthy itch of some people on your lists! Stay tuned for gift ideas for the home/smart home enthusiast!

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