Andy Rubin Taking On Android Again In New Company


For those of us who have paid attention to Android, Andy Rubin is well known in most circles. Some would consider him the father of Android smartphones as he and Google brought the OS to what it is today. Rubin, who left Google in 2014 to pursue something other than the Android OS, appears to be wanting to get back into the Android game.

While he spent time working in the Google X Labs working on actual Androids — instead of the OS — it appears that Rubin is leaving Google entirely and will use his budding company Playground Global to fund and incubate hardware startups.  However, his workings with Android will be different this time around.

Andy Rubin to Focus On Hardware

As it’s suggested that Playground Global will be working with hardware companies, Rubin won’t be working on the software side of things. In fact, it’s said that he will be creating new hardware to push the OS forward. He’s currently looking to recruit people who will help build a new phone company and Android will be the driving OS behind these phones.

Playground Global raised some $48 million in April of this year and has raised roughly $300 million to date. As this information settles, there will certainly be a lot of questions that will need to be answered.

With Google toying with the idea of building its own SoC, will Rubin’s company compete with Google or will his former ties with the search giant give him access to such new hardware? Will this new company be US-based with the ability to take on the major players like Motorola, Apple, and Samsung or will the company head overseas to budding areas of the world?

Either way, Andy Rubin has the know-how and the capital to back up a company that could very well take on these companies. Are you excited to see a new phone company in an already saturated market? Is it too little, too late for Rubin and these start ups? Let us know in the comments section below or on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.

Andy Rubin

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