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Raspberry Pi Foundation Offered Money To Pre-Install Malware

Raspberry Pi Foundation
Image Courtesy Pylo

The Raspberry Pi Foundation makes small single board computers that anyone can use and learn to program with. They’re small and extremely affordable and great for kids wanting to learn programming too, it’s really a nifty project. Now the foundation has revealed that they have been approached by companies seeking to include executable files on their computers in exchange for monetary compensation. The amounts offered were never disclosed as it seems the Raspberry Pi Foundation is ignoring the requests and instead making these offers known publicly. You have to respect the foundation for disclosing this and for not following through on something that could potentially gain them a large sum of money.

The foundation blocked out the identifying information from the sender in this screenshot but judging from the way it’s written they’re not based in the US or UK. We’re sure Raspberry Pi aren’t the only ones being solicited to do this. It would be interesting to find out who actually accepts these offers and just how many machines are infected with malware from them. We’re glad Raspberry Pi has some integrity and declined the offer, we just wish they would have fully exposed who it was that sent this.

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  Source: Secjet
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