Tim Cook Hints At Apple Services For Android

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Earlier this week we reported that Apple may be working on a move to Android from iOS app but we’ve gotten no confirmation of that rumor. Now Business Insider is reporting that Tim Cook is considering making Apple services available on Android devices. This is an interesting move for the company but not entirely out of the realm of being possible as Apple Music was released on Android earlier last year. Apple Music was a test case for the company to see how Apple services worked on non-Apple hardware. Other services that could come to Android are Apple Pay and iCloud as Cook says Apple wants to expand its services business and Android users are a logical first step. Cook also took a moment to address the current buzz about iPhone sales and moved to correct his earlier statement over slowing iPhone sales.

Cook reportedly said that the iPhone is the “greatest business of the future,” and that he believes that iPhone sales can continue growing for decades.

Cook is also confident in the iPad believing that sales will grow for the device and Business Insider also says Cook hinted at future Apple tech including the rumored Apple car. All that aside, bringing its services to Android should be interesting depending on how deep Apple is considering going with the initiative. It is at least a move acknowledging there is a user base beyond iOS and OS X that Apple can and should be tapping into. Rumors have also swirled about a potential Apple buyout of Netflix which is pure speculation but an interesting idea to think about. We’ll see what 2016 brings from Apple, perhaps there will be some refreshing changes inbound soon.

What do you think of Apple services on Android? Something you want to see? Or would you rather Apple services stay on Apple devices? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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