Netflix Successfully Blocking VPNs And Unblockers

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About a month and a half ago, Netflix indicated that it would be rolling out new measures to counter VPNs and unblockers which allow users to access content outside their geographical region. It appears that the streaming company has been successful, and users are now greeted with an error message when they try and access content not available in their region.

When logged in to a VPN or unblocker, users spoof Netflix into thinking they are in a different country. While you are still able to browse and search the catalogue, once you click on a title to stream, you will be greeted with a streaming error message, the error code F7111-1331-5059, and prompted to disable your unblocker or proxy service and try again. Once you do so, a simple refresh will have you up and running again, and accessing only the content that is available in your region.

In addition, some popular sertvices like Unotelly and Unblock.US no longer list Netflix (and other services like Hulu or Spotify) on their website and instead are focusing on use of VPNs as privacy tools.

Your results may vary, the VPN I tested no longer works to access Netflix, and there are numerous reports across the Internet that various VPN and unblocking services no longer allow you to access Netflix outside of your physical geographic location.

What do you think about Netflix’s decision to block VPNs and unblockers to access their service? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


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