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Spotify Hits 30 Million Subscribers


Spotify is just not slowing down, and CEO Daniel Ek announced today via his Twitter account today that the service has reached 30 million paid subscribers. This is the first subscriber update Spotify has given out since it announced it had 20 million subscribers days before Apple Music hit the market last June, and shows the increased competition has had little to no effect on Spotify’s growth.

In the nine months that Apple Music has been available, the service has picked up 11 million subscribers. Spotify has added 10 million paid subscribers in the same time.

The Swedish streaming service is now adding an average of 10 million paid customers a year , it only had 10 million subscribers total in 2014. This is a growth rate it will need to maintain as it goes up against Apple Music and its substantial marketing money

Although the lack of release day albums from major artists like Adele, Coldplay, Drake, Future, Rihanna, The 1975, and Kanye West may have upset some Spotify users, Apple Music and Tidal apparently haven’t been able to pull a substantial number of users away from the service or convince new customers to avoid signing up to Spotify Premium.

Apple Music will likely receive some big updates this fall as part of iOS 10, Pandora is prepping its first on-demand streaming service, but for now Spotify is the biggest game in on demand streaming, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon.

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