The Loop Review: Earbud Storage Made Easy

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I don’t know how many times I’ve reached into my backpack or drawer to pull out my earbuds to listen to some music, only to have to spend some time untangling them before I can use them. Not the end of the world, but definitely a pain in the butt at times. Our The Loop review takes a look at an “earbud anti-tangling device,” and check to see just how well this gadget works at keeping your earbuds untangled.


The Loop is a circular disc with a smooth circle on one side, and fins on the other side in which you slide in your earbud cords. In the middle of The Loop is a small hole for the jack on your earbuds. Upon initial inspection, I was concerned that the fins would damage my earbud cables, but the company assured me that they have not had any issues to date and the fins do not crimp the buds because of the shape of the fins. After using The Loop for a couple weeks, I saw no change in the cable on my earbuds and I haven’t seen any complaints from others that this gadget damages your earbuds either.


Simple and easy earbud storage.

One thing of note, if your earbuds have a microphone/music remote control attached to the cord, you may run into a minor issue where the remote control portion sticks out just a bit but the few pairs that I tried remained firmly wound and stored just fine. It’s more of an aesthetic issue than anything.

Ease of Use

There’s not much to The Loop, it has a simple design and it’s just as simple to use. Simply slide the smooth side over your index and middle fingers with the fins facing outwards, insert the 3.5mm jack from your earbuds into the hole in the middle of the loop, wind your earbuds around The Loop until you reach the buds, then tuck the earbud cords into one of the fins. To unwind, untuck the earbud cables from the fin and unwind. It’s as simple as that…

Stick the headphone jack into the hole in the middle of The Loop and start winding!


The Loop retails for $19.99USD for a pack of three in various colour combinations and are currently on sale on Amazon for $16.99. Definitely a small price to pay for the convenience of having untangled earbuds.


If you’re tired of untangling your earbuds, The Loop is a great, durable, easy to use, and inexpensive gadget for storing your earbuds.

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*We were sent a review sample of The Loop for the purposes of this review.

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