The PS4 Update Out Today Allows PC Remote Play And More

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Playstation 4’s latest system upgrade, version 3.50, is rolling out today and with it comes a few new features that are intended to offer new ways for players to connect and make online life easier.

Which conveniently starts with having an Offline mode! A necessary evil for the online gamer, PS4 users will now be able to set their status to appear “Offline.”

On your Profile tab, Quick Menu and login screen, we’ve added a new option called ‘Online Status.’ From here, you can choose to ‘Appear Offline.’ This could be useful if, for example, you want to fully concentrate on your game or watch a movie without interruption.

Or, otherwise in nerd terms, you can binge watch Netflix for 12 hours without any Judgey McJudgersons raining on your parade. You will remain “Offline” until you manually change your status otherwise.

PS4 Create Scheduled Event

Notifications are improving as well with customizable alerts for when friends come online. You can pick all or a select few, but you’ll get a heads up when your BFF pops on so you can get back to that co-op game ASAP.

Or, if you don’t want to wait for your friend to randomly come online you can now schedule events through the Events tab. Event invites can go out to individuals, Groups, or Communities.

The online friend interface is also going to see some improvements with the new Play Together feature, which displays all of your friends, the games they are playing and gives you options right there to do various things like join their game or start a party. Players will also be able to see what PS Plus Games their friends play and will be able to view and manage their game storage through PlayStation Plus Hub.

Arguably the most interesting feature is the ability for PS4 users to play remotely on their PC or Mac. Remote Play will allow players to hook up their DUALSHOCK 4 controllers to their computer and access the PSN through the app. The Remote Play app is compatible with versions of Windows from 8.1 and later as well as OS X 10.10 and 10.11.

PS4 update remote play

Players can upload videos and pictures to Facebook and Twitter with tags and will also be able to stream their gameplay through Dailymotion.

Parents get some functionality as well with Teen Account Creation which allows teens from 13-17 access to the PSN in “Offline” only mode until parents approve the account and complete the parental control setup. Check out the official video below that highlights all of the new features.

Are you excited about the new PS4 features coming out? What else would you like to see PS release? Hit us up in the comments!

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