Leaked Moto X Photos Spur Online Fury


A few leaked Moto X photos have been making the rounds over the weekend and have spilled into Monday and the reactions will likely continue to grow. The Moto X photos in question show what appears to be an aluminum unibody construction with a large camera module and what seems to be some sort of docking connection on the back. Of course zero is known about what Lenovo is planning for the Moto X 2016 but these photos have sent some into a fury about the device.

When Google sold Motorola to Lenovo many Google Android purists were skeptical and critical of the move believing that Motorola would never be the same. Those sentiments have continued to grow with many criticizing these leaked Moto X photos. The hope of many was Google would finally have a hardware company in which it could develop its own Nexus hardware taking away its reliance on hardware partners and ushering in a new era of Android Nexus devices.

moto x photos

courtesy Engadget

The wishes of many were dashed once Lenovo and Google came to terms on the sale. Still, many were willing to give Lenovo at least the benefit of the doubt and Lenovo’s new acquisition had a bit of a good run with the release of some of the moto phones. But the fact that Google was no longer running things and the continued changes within Motorola and Lenovo drove the fan-base to disdain against the company.

The Moto X photos don’t seem to look that awful to my eye but we can never really tell until we physically have the device in hand. It will be interesting to see where Lenovo takes Motorola and how they plan on supporting moto devices in the future. For now all one can do is speculate.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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