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Google Introduces Voice Access Beta

Voice Access

This week Google introduced a new voice assistive technology for smartphones that it hopes will help millions of people — Voice Access beta. We’re all familiar with voice assistants like Siri, Google Now and Alexa. All of these offerings help make things a bit easier and a bit smoother for the users that take advantage of those services. But Voice Access is different, much different. With Voice Access, users who are unable to use their hands can finally take control of their smartphones. Through Voice Access disabled users can control their camera and other apps and functions of their smartphones, it really can be a huge help to a lot of people.

Voice Access is in beta for now, Google has often pushed new technology out in beta that hasn’t made the cut but we really hope this isn’t the case for Voice Access. The applications could potentially extend beyond just those with disabilities and be beneficial to many others as well. It is great to see Google testing in this manner though.

Google is currently signing people up to test this new app and if you want to get in on the beta program you just have to go to this URL. Before you sign up for the beta program you should download the Voice Access app on the Google Playstore and once you sign up Google will notify you when they’re ready to give you beta access.

This is some pretty neat tech and we hope the beta testing stage gives some good results and hope beta testers give solid feedback and information that can help bring this into production.

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