Monster And Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel Launch Gaming Headsets At E3

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Monster and Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel have recently partnered on a series of gaming headphones, which have been officially launched at E3 2016. Monster is well known throughout the industry for their headphones, speakers, and cables, and their Pure Monster Sound. Even if you don’t follow competitive gaming, there’s a decent chance that you’ve heard of Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel. While he has stepped back from competitive gaming, Fatal1ty has been one of the best known gamers in the world.

When these two get together, you can expect great things. First announced at CES 2016 (where I had the opportunity to play against — and get repeatedly killed by — Fatal1ty at the Monster booth), Monster has officially launched the Fatal1ty by Monster Performance Series gaming headsets at E3 2016.

Two models have been officially announced, the FxM 100 (SRP $99.95) and the FxM 200 (SRP $139.95). Both models feature a specially tuned version of Pure Monster Sound aimed at gaming, with custom-built drivers and noise isolating earcups. Monster touts the headphones’ pinpoint audio accuracy, giving you the advantage you’ll need.

Fatal1ty By Monster FxM 100 and FxM 200
FxM 100 (left) and FxM 200 (right)

You can order both headphones now on, or Each site shows a discount off of the MSRP, so if you’re looking to jump on either pair of headphones, now would be a good time to act. You can read more about the Fatal1ty by Monster headphones in the full press release below.

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MONSTER® and Gaming Great Johnathan ‘Fatal1ty’ Wendel Launch First Gaming Headsets at E3

Partnership introduces Over-Ear FxM 100 and FxM 200 Performance Series Headsets
Own the Game – Fatal1ty by Monster

LOS ANGELES, June 14, 2016 – Monster®, the world leader in high-performance headphones, and Fatal1ty® Gaming Gear, founded by World Champion gamer Johnathan ‘Fatal1ty’ Wendel, today announced that their highly anticipated Fatal1ty by Monster gaming headsets will be available in June at and other retailers including select Best Buy stores. The Fatal1ty by Monster Performance Series gaming headsets, the FxM 100 (SRP $99.95) and the FxM 200 (SRP $139.95) are built from the ground-up and targeted to retail at a price everyone can afford.

In collaboration, the world’s most successful video gamer and Monster’s extraordinary knowledge of the nuances of sound reproduction and decades of audio expertise bring unrivaled perspective in knowing what gamers need to gain the winning edge they seek.

The FxM 100 & 200 headsets feature exclusive fHex720 Sound Chamber Technology™ and special Game-tuned version of Monster’s signature Pure Monster Sound™ profile. In concert with custom-built drivers matched to noise-isolating ear cups, these breakthrough features magnify essential audio details helping gamers to hear and identify critical elements and nuances. The result is pinpoint accuracy needed to gain a competitive advantage and to experience your game as never before.

Head Monster Noel Lee notes: “When we decided to enter the gaming market, we went straight to the top, to partner with the world’s most successful gamer, Johnathan ‘Fatal1ty’ Wendel. Fatal1ty’s expertise and credibility will assure gamers that this gear is the real gaming deal. The FxM 100 and 200 models provide everything gamers are looking for in audio and communication that will enable them to excel in playing their favorite games as never before. Their sleek looks will turn heads in their homes, at tournaments, or anywhere else they gather with friends to play. All this at a price that won’t break the bank.”

Fatal1ty is equally passionate about the partnership’s first products, stating: “These are truly exceptional gaming headsets—offering high performance in a form fitting and comfortable design that practically makes them part of the gamers’ bodies so they can concentrate on their game play. Monster knows the market and how to generate excitement—but most importantly, Noel Lee and Monster engineers know how to build world class audio products.”

The FxM 100 and 200’s ergonomically-designed fit enable gamers to play for hours without discomfort or ear fatigue, and their strong and durable build quality allow them to be taken anywhere without worry of wear and tear or breakage. The experience of Pure Monster Sound makes listening to music a revelation. Detachable noise canceling microphones enable clear communication for gaming and ControlTalk Universal inline audio controls enable phone calls to be answered at the touch of a button when these headsets are used with a smartphone. Both models feature high-performance tangle-free cables.

Last Updated on September 13, 2016.


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