The Techaeris app will no longer work after July 8th

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It wasn’t too long ago that we launched the Techaeris app on both iOS and Android. We were pretty excited about the venture and many of you embraced it. Today we’re announcing that after July 8th both apps will no longer work. DWNLD, the company who made our app, is at odds with Apple’s app store fees. Currently, we pay for both apps using an Apple subscription. Now DWNLD is changing the way it charges content creators by asking for direct credit card payment.

Normally we would have just cancelled the Apple subscription and put a credit card on file. But in this case. DWNLD is mandating a price increase with the move away from the Apple subscription. Currently, we’re on their base pricing. DWNLD is doing away with base pricing and requiring everyone who is on base pricing to go up to the next tier, which then basically becomes their base tier.

This move doubles the price of the app. As much as we love having an app available for our fans to use, we don’t feel this app is worth the price. The DWNLD app is nice in many ways but it also has some major flaws which we haven’t been able to have the company fix. Many of the elements on the website simply do not render properly, or at all, in the app. Buttons don’t work and even bullet points don’t render properly.

We feel this has degraded the user experience for our fans and have made the choice to let our DWNLD account lapse. After July 8th, DWNLD will remove both apps and the Techaeris app will no longer work.

But don’t worry too much. We’re in the process of seeking a new company who will help us build a proper app that will render all of the elements for a proper user experience. In the meantime, our website is responsive so viewing on mobile browsers should look really good. Please be patient with us as we seek the proper partnership for a better Techaeris app.


Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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