KickassTorrents back online hiding behind cloud servers

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KickassTorrents rides again this time it’s being operated behind an army of cloud servers making it more difficult for the authorities to pin down. KickassTorrents is the internet’s most popular torrent site after The Pirate Bay was crippled by the authorities. Back when The Pirate Bay was taken down, there was also a small effort to keep the site going but it has never seen the success it had prior to being removed by authorities. Similarly KickassTorrents domain names have been seized by authorities but a new group claims they have the site backed up in full and have resurrected it behind a bevy of cloud servers and the Cloudflare service. The new proprietors sent an email to The Verge outlining what was happening with the new KickassTorrents.

A statement emailed to The Verge from the creators of claims the site is “hosted on multiple cloud servers to prevent blockade, and the hosting information is well hidden behind Cloudflare.” The anonymous contact said they’d improved on the original KickassTorrents site by adding a mobile version, and noted (with the original, ambiguous, wording retained here) that the site “will has the complete torrent database of KAT, including the comments, user information intact.” We’re not sure whether that means has this complete log of comments, etc, or will have it at some point in the future. At the time of writing this article, access to was spotty.

We’ve seen these same types of results from other torrent sites like The Pirate Bay and UTorrent. The law is likely never going to stop online piracy of copyrighted material but when large communities like KickassTorrents come up, they can dismantle them leaving it for someone else brave enough to try and rebuild. People sharing copyrighted material online is likely never going to stop and who knows if is going to last. Stay tuned in three years when this story could repeat itself with a different torrent community that rises up in place of KickassTorrents.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.

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