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Google+ gets some much needed updates today: Picture comments and more


The new features include (finally) being able to use photos and links in comments.

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Google+ received a big face lift last November offering a newer, simpler look with Communities and Collections being two of the main features. Collections offered users a more organized way to keep related content together as well easily searchable and discoverable. Communities gave people a place to collaborate and discuss similar thoughts and topics. Today even more features, much needed features, are being added to the “new” Google+.

The new features, announced today, include (finally) being able to use photos and links in comments. Community moderators and owners are also getting enhanced features to exercise more control over who can post what with approved posting. Notifications are getting revamped as well, with a new notification center to view and manage recent activity. All of these features will be rolled out in the coming weeks across all platforms including the web, Android, and iOS.

Businesses have found value in utilizing Collections and Communities to help employees have a dialogue and share expertise. Google has acknowledged that value and is planning on making that experience more robust. Google+ will also become a core Google for Work service. Current Google Apps users will be able to see the new experience today.

The “new” Google+ will also be available to even more users and will become the default experience. The ability to revert back to classic view will be available for a short time but will eventually be phased out entirely.

Over the past nine months, dozens of new features have been launched for Google’s social media site including: ability to reply to comments in stream, one click +1 to comments, 3 column stream, full time stamps on post pages, no limits on circle streams in menu, polls, photo cropping in polls, uploading multiple images for a single post, updated notifications in the header, full screen notifications page, and many improvements on the original Communities and Collections features.

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