[UPDATED] 6yr old injured by exploding Note7… should the government get involved?

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UPDATE (09/13/2016 13:36ET): Apparently the phone in question wasn’t a Note7, but rather a Samsung Galaxy Core.


According to the New York Post, a 6 year old boy was watching videos in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday when the mobile phone he was using suddenly burst into flames. The device was a Samsung Galaxy Note7 — the very smartphone that has been under a worldwide recall due to an issue with the battery that has been causing the phones to explode. The child’s grandmother says the boy is too scared to go near mobile phones since the explosion. Samsung has been contacted by the family but they have not issued a statement regarding this incident, nor has the family come forth with any more information about their discussion with Samsung.

st pete jeep note 7

The above image is from Saint Petersburg, Florida where another Note7 exploded and took out a Jeep! At this point there are two types of Note7 users, previous users who have turned in their device for the recall, and the vast majority who have decided to wait it out and trade in for a new non-exploding version when it becomes available.

In my opinion the second set of users are taking a very real risk by having the device powered on. The phone doesn’t need to be plugged in to explode so it’s not a third party charger causing the risk it is simply having the phone powered on that creates the threat. In fact, an email from T-Mobile followed by an email from Samsung was all I needed to see to take my device to T-Mobile even though I was out of town on business. I couldn’t wait one more minute, and surely couldn’t wait until I arrived home to take an even greater risk with the ticking-time-bomb device near my family.


Should the U.S. Government get involved in the recall? As the reports continue to accumulate, it seems like Samsung and the U.S. based carriers have taken a more voluntary sounding approach to the recall. Until Saturday the rhetoric seemed like the choice to participate in the recall was in the hands of the consumers. Saturday an email was sent out by Samsung that instructed owners to power down and take the devices to their carrier.

We aren’t talking about a phone that has poor reception or that bricks itself. We are getting more and more reports of the Note7 devices “bursting into flames” and “exploding.” The email should have said your phone will power down automatically in 10 minutes, please take it to a carrier for a replacement. But the email that was sent still makes it sound like the decision to participate is still somehow an either or decision. FOLKS, THE PHONE COULD EXPLODE. While the carriers and Samsung are being proactive and sending out emails, I feel like the U.S. government should get involved to force a mandatory recall. Maybe even force the devices to brick so they will have to be returned to the carrier. Something drastic needs to happen to prevent future explosions that can cause serious bodily harm or even death.

What do you think? Should the US government get involved? How do you feel about how this whole exploding phone situation has been handled so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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Last Updated on September 13, 2016.


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