The Man in the High Castle Season 2 trailer drops


The Man in the High Castle was one of my favorite shows from Amazon last year and it was nominated for an Emmy WON two Emmys. Now The Man in the High Castle returns and Amazon just dropped the Season 2 trailer.

The Emmy nominated series, The Man in the High Castle, returns for a thrilling second season. As peace between Germany and Japan hangs in the balance, the urgency to find the man in the high castle becomes even more desperate. Meanwhile, the revelations about the films set our characters on a collision course, the outcome of which could have devastating repercussions.

Season 1 was an amazing ride and the story was all consuming. I’m drooling for more of the same. Looking forward to the amazing cast, cinematography and basically just a show that is so very binge worthy.

After the war the Nazis and Japanese take control of the United States dividing the country into three distinct territories: the Great Nazi Reich, the Japanese Pacific States, and the neutral zone. Throughout the series the sharing of the United States is obviously one of convenience due to the current situations both the Nazis and Japanese find themselves in. Throughout the film the main character’s roles almost exclusively revolve around reels of film that the Nazis do not want anyone to see. Most of the characters have no clue what is on these films but it is revealed to a couple of them which inevitably leads them to make serious choices.

In case you’re outside the U.S. and can’t see the trailer above, here it is below courtesy of IGN.

The Man in the High Castle drops on Amazon Prime Video on December 16th and if I were you, I’d hit up Season 1 now to catch up if you haven’t seen this series yet. What do you think of The Man in the High Castle? Did you catch Season 1 and ready for Season 2? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.

The Man In The High Castle

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