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Misfit Shine creators releasing world’s first dimensioning instrument


01 uses a proprietary multi-sensor system, requires only one hand to “dimension.”

The creators of Misfit Shine have started a new company, InstruMMents, and the first product they’ve released is an interesting one. 01 is being launched as the “world’s first dimensioning instrument,” and aims to change the way we measure and capture dimensions of objects.

“There is a dire need to rethink how we capture and use dimensions,” said founder and CEO, Mladen Barbaric. “Measuring tape, for example, hasn’t really changed since its creation in 1860.”

A group of veterans in device and software development hoping to tackle this issue formed the InstruMMents team and 01 was born. 01 is crafted from aluminum, is available in a pen, pencil, or stylus option, and wirelessly connects to smartphones. By rolling 01 over straight, contoured, or curved objects, it captures, logs, and syncs the dimensions with your Android or iOS device.

Using a proprietary multi-sensor system, it requires only one hand to capture dimensions and is the only device like it that works on 3D surfaces. It can be used to design buildings, fit clothes, hang pictures, and captures both linear or contoured lengths. 01 doesn’t need recharging either, and the 3.1V 80mA silver oxide non-rechargeable battery pack battery lasts up to 6 months before needing to be replaced.


01 captures and sends dimensions to your iOS or Android device.

Other features include:

  • Unit Selection: dynamically convert between metric and imperial.
  • Scale: dimension drawings or maps in any scale.
  • Quick W-H-D: captures width, height and depth automatically, making dimensioning boxes fast.
  • Blink Interval: Set up grids, hang things equally apart or gauge rough dimensions without your phone.
  • Mag Roller with replaceable ring
  • Bluetooth Smart. Connect to your mobile device
  • Crafted from aluminum and steel
  • Pressurized, precision ink refill
  • 4+ month battery
  • iOS 8.2 or later, Android 4.4 (KitKat)
  • Pen net weight: 29.1 g, Pencil net weight: 26.7 g, Stylus net weight: 25.2 g

The 01 comes in a pen, pencil, or stylus variation.

01 is available to pre-order for $149 US at or where it currently has 37% of its $100,000 flex goal filled with a month left in the campaign. It will be available at select retail locations worldwide starting December 1. Each 01 can be personalized with a signature, and InstruMMents will include a Saffiano sleeve with the first 20,000 orders, after which sleeves can be purchased online starting at $29.

What do you think about 01? Is it a tool that would help you with your work or hobbies? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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