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This is being written not one hour following me losing one of my own drones, ironically to mother nature. And yet there is no sadness in these keystrokes for I have found anywhere between one and four replacements already. And they are the officially licensed drones from Propel, designed after some of the best Star Wars vehicles that we have become familiar with over the course of the last 7 films. There have been a few DIY projects that slapped some cool looking Star Wars skins on existing quadcopters, but these are built form the ground up to look the part.

Star Wars Tie Advanced X1 drone.

It won’t be easy to pick just one, but your Battle Quad options consist of four Star Wars vehicles: the Millennium Falcon, TIE Fighter Advanced X1, the T-65 X-Wing, or the 74-Z Speeder Bike. Of course, making them look like they were ripped from the screen was not enough and Propel went beyond simple aesthetics. The quadcopters not only come with push-button mid-air tricks, but are equipped with laser-based fighting mechanics that let up to 24, yes 24, competitors conduct aerial battles simultaneously. There are also 3 speed settings, making it easier for novices to get used to the controls and avoid destroying their vehicles. For those that are more comfortable, go ahead and flip the dial to ’11’ — ‘3’ in this case, to take the drones to speeds of up to 40mph, or in the case of the Millennium Falcon, 50mph! Insert your Kessel Run joke here.

Although you are still only able to pre-order the drones, Propel has assured that these will be available for purchase online and through some retailers, including Brookstone, in time for the holidays. They also managed to hit the lower end of their pricing goal with each drone costing $240.

Star Wars T-65 X-Wing Starfighter drone.

I’ve flown a lot of these things at this point and the price point does make me a little skeptical about the quality. However, these do seem to lack some of the features of the more expensive “pro”models such as the lack of any camera. This is good to keep the price down, but what a missed opportunity to get some epic aerial combat videos. There is also no mention of things like GPS or object avoidance sensors so the value might be in a solid race-drone like package that looks awesome. So as I slightly lament my poor lost drone, I thank it for its diligent service and for its sacrifice to help me justify picking up one of these Star Wars ones.

What do you think of these Star Wars Battle Quad drones from Propel? Will you be picking one — or four — up? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on February 14, 2017.


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