Sick of Black Friday shopping? Help Cards Against Humanity with their Holiday Hole


You could go shopping on Black Friday. There are all sorts of deals available all weekend to help you finish up your holiday shopping, but if you’re just sick of the rampant commercialization of the holidays, and wish to hearken back to a simpler time, perhaps you’d be interested in the Cards Against Humanity Holiday Hole.

Cards Against Humanity (for those of you that have been living in a giant hole) is a card-based party game where players use a series of mostly inappropriate cards to come up with funny phrases and answers to questions. As long as you’re not easily offended, it’s a blast to play and is great for parties.

But enough about that, what about this hole? You can try to ascribe a deeper meaning to the act of digging a giant hole for no reason, or you can just sit back and watch as donations keep flying in to keep the hole-digging going…

Sure, this is just plain silly, but I’d expect nothing less from the same bunch that used previous holiday card packs to purchase a private island, name it Hawaii 2, and provide all holiday pack backers with a deed for one square foot of the island. Or maybe the same people that bought a castle, and named each backer king of the aforementioned castle for an hour.

Sure, those are some silly things for a company to do, but Cards Against Humanity also does quite a lot of good. Some of their various philanthropic endeavors include scholarships for women studying in STEM fields, as well as using last year’s “Eight Sensible Gifts for Hanukkah” holiday pack earnings to provide the workers in their Chinese production facility a week of paid vacation. When Cards Against Humanity makes these types of charitable donations, we can definitely just sit and laugh when they dig a giant hole once in awhile.

You can check out the FAQ, or if you really would like to donate to keep the hole going you can do so at


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