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There’s no question that custom controllers are a pretty big market for gamers and Scuf Gaming is definitely one of the leaders in the industry. In the past, we reviewed SCUF’s Infinity1 controller for the Xbox One, and not only does it offer improved gaming reaction time and performance, but also a customized look and feel that suits your gaming style.

Microsoft also has their Xbox Elite Wireless Controller and launched their Xbox Design Lab (first announced at E3 2016) which allows gamers to choose different color schemes for their Xbox One controllers back near the end of August. Just over a month later, in October, SCUF and Microsoft signed a licensing deal which gave Microsoft the rights to use SCUF’s intellectual property, patents, and innovations, while Scuf Gaming became the exclusive 3rd party accessories partner for professional gaming.

More details of that partnership are now clear as SCUF has announced the SCUF ELITE customization program. The program allows gamers to further boost their Xbox Elite Wireless Controller gaming experience by being able to customize not only the design and colors of their Elite Wireless Controllers, but also upgrade it with SCUF’s crossover paddle control system, directional bias D-pad, military grade grip handles, and precision thumbstick options.

SCUF Elite customization options.

Recognizing the competitive edge that SCUF patented features provide, Duncan Ironmonger, CEO & Co-Founder of Scuf Gaming stated, “Since inception, our vision has always been to cater to the top 10% of the market, but also see the mass market benefit from the innovative features and functions we patented. Over 90% of top professional gamers use SCUF so, our handcrafted SCUF Infinity Series are always built with weight, performance, precision and design in mind. Not everyone is aware we exist so, now we are able to offer the wider market an alternative through our partnership with Microsoft to further increase awareness with the launch of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller and our SCUF ELITE accessories.”

In addition to being able to customize and order an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller from SCUF, if you already own an Xbox Elite Controller, you can customize it with SCUF ELITE accessory kits.

SCUF_Elite_AccessoryKit_PaddleHatch_DpadSCUF ELITE Paddle Control System & Directional Bias D-pad Kit


SCUF ELITE Paddle Control System

  • SCUF paddles are positioned for optimal ergonomic performance, using crossover paddle control system.
  • Paddles mimic any face button, allowing thumbs to remain on the thumbsticks – shortening response time between actions.
  • Modular and customizable, choose from 0 to 4 paddles to utilize more of your hand in game.
  • Comfortable, intuitive design, and familiar to SCUF users. Play like a Pro.
  • Color: Silver

SCUF ELITE Directional Bias D-pad

  • Tilted D-pad to access a single direction bias quicker – reduced distance when alternating from the thumbstick to D-pad.
  • The angle helps the gamer focus on the direction of the D-pad bias.
  • Adjustable to all 4 positions.
  • Magnetic technology for easy position changes.
  • Color: Silver

SCUF_Elite_AccessoryKit_ThumbsticksGripsSCUF ELITE Pro Grips & Precision Thumbstick Kit

$29.95USD (coming soon)

SCUF ELITE Precision Thumbsticks

  • Improve precision and accuracy.
  • Length and shape caters to different hand sizes.
  • Military grade grip for increased comfort and durability.
  • Magnetic technology for easy thumbstick change.
  • Colors: Black, White, Red, Blue, Green

SCUF ELITE Pro Grip Handles

  • Contoured to fit your hands.
  • Military grade material for improved grip.
  • Easy to install.
  • Colors: Black, White, Red, Blue, Green

The SCUF Elite controller collection starts at $139.95USD and are now available to order from the Scuf Gaming website.

SCUF Elite Xbox Controller with Silver Anodized front.

What do you think about the ability to customize your Xbox Elite Wireless Controller through this partnership between Microsoft and Scuf Gaming? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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