Fitbit is building its own app store which will launch this year

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Fitbit, the company known best for their fitness trackers (and buying smartwatch company Pebble last month) is looking to open their own app store for Fitbit devices at some point this year. CEO James Parker said in an interview today that they want to launch the app store “as soon as possible.”

By purchasing Pebble, that gave them some help with coming out with an app store. Pebble has worked out some kinks that go into building such a store and with Pebble having around 14,000 third-party applications in their app store before their upcoming untimely demise, that’s more than enough time to get things going. Parker also wants to build his own wearable applications when he has the free time, but did say this at the interview:

There are so many different applications [our partners] want to write, from fitness-related ones to pill reminder applications. And we don’t have the support in place for that right now, or any software infrastructure on our devices to run those apps.

Parker also said that it would be helpful having an app store because he wants to continue to extend relationships with employers and healthcare providers who use Fitbit products for wellness program. Plus earlier this week Fitbit announced that they are partnering with UnitedHealthCare and Qualcomm to offer $1,500 incentives to Charge 2 users.

If Fitbit is going to create an app store, that could mean they may come out with a smartwatch considering they already own Pebble and bought Coin last year to implement payment methods in wearable, but in the end there may not even be a smartwatch coming out. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Even though Fitbit is coming out with an app store at some point doesn’t mean a smartwatch will be out too, but what do you think about Fitbit creating their own app store for future Fitbit devices? Let us know by leaving your comments down below or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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