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Monster AirLink improves audio quality and signal in wire-free headphones


Monster will be introducing AirLink in both their wireless Elements (pictured) and iSport headphones.

As wireless headphones are becoming more commonplace, wire free — or as Monster calls them, True Wireless — earbuds are slowly entering the market. As we’ve had a few comments on previous wireless and wire-free articles and reviews here, we’ll just cover a quick rundown on the difference. Wireless headphones refer to headphones or earbuds that are not physically connected to your smartphone or other streaming devices but are connected to each other with a wire. The “wireless” in this case refers to the headphone’s ability to connect wirelessly to your audio source. Wire-free, on the other hand, come in the earbud style and have no wires at all and pair wirelessly with your audio source as well as with each other.

Now that that’s out of the way, wire-free earbuds aren’t entirely without their issues. Some common complaints are audio drop-out, low audio quality, and lack of reliable signal. Monster aims to address that with their new “True Wireless” technology called AirLink.

AirLink’s proprietary, Y-shaped inner antenna (patent applied) ensures a rock-solid, reliable signal every time, solving the common problem of partial audio drop-out. The new antenna design also makes it possible for Monster to create a true wireless (absolutely no wires) experience with unprecedented comfort, style and fit. Notably, the AirLink system’s two independent high-quality drivers on each side, delivers perfectly balanced, outstanding audio performance.


The iSport EarLynk Wireless headphone.

Monster will be introducing AirLink in both their wireless Elements headphones (available starting in April) and iSport headphones. The AirLink Elements model blend premium audio performance with high-fashion, giving users rich-bodied, dynamic Pure Monster Sound, as well as unbelievably crisp, discrete calls – all while wearing a super comfortable, jewel-inspired fashion accessory perfect for any occasion. The included display and charging case is designed to look like a jewelry box and offers 21 hours worth of recharges, and the Elements AirLink will last for roughly 2.5 hours between charges. The AirLink Elements have an MSRP of $299.95USD.

The AirLink iSport line will focus on fitness enthusiasts and athletes wanted a truly wireless experience while listening to music while working out. Without a wire connecting the two earbuds, athletes can focus on their workouts without having the irritation of cables rubbing against their neck or connected to their audio device.

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