Study shows users don’t trust companies with data but fail to secure their own data


The securing of personal data that we share with major companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple is a huge deal to most consumers. Though a recent study has found that these same consumers concerned over the security of their data, do very little to secure it themselves.

After conducting a survey on 1,040 U.S. adults in the spring of 2016, Pew Research Center found that Americans “frequently neglect cybersecurity best practices in their own personal lives.”

“A majority of Americans, 64 percent, have personally experienced a major data breach, and relatively large shares of the public lack trust in key institutions — especially the federal government and social media sites — to protect their personal information,” Pew Research Center wrote in a report released Thursday.

Of those polled, 49 percent said they do not trust the federal government with protecting their data and 51 percent said they do not trust social media websites.

The study found that many users still do not use good passwords or use pen and paper to keep track of passwords. The study has even found users sharing passwords online with other users which could lead to those accounts being compromised.

“At the same time that they express skepticism about whether the businesses and institutions they interact with can adequately protect their personal information, a substantial share of the public admits that they do not always incorporate cybersecurity best practices into their own digital lives,” Pew Research Center wrote.

While users fears of someone breaching their data from company servers are valid, it’s just as likely users are setting themselves up for a breach with their lax security efforts.

What do you think of these statistics? Check out the Pew Research Center link below for even more details and then let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 27, 2017.


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