Ugreen Apple Watch power bank: Easily juice up your watch on the go

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The last time we reviewed a Ugreen product it was their very well-made Apple Watch charging stand. Now we’re back with a review of the Ugreen Apple Watch power bank. Read on for the full review and our thoughts about this Apple MFi certified power bank.

Ugreen Apple Watch power bank
The Apple Watch sits snuggly on the Ugreen charger


This is a very simple remote control style design constructed of sturdy plastic and some metals. The Ugreen Apple Watch power bank is very lightweight, considering the built-in 2,200mAh battery inside. On one side you have the microUSB port for charging the device and the power indicator button. On the other side is the USB Type-A port for plugging in your iPhone to charge at the same time as your watch. On the top of the power bank are the LED indicators as well as the Apple certified charging puck. Overall it’s a simple design and it looks nice in the black color with the white charging puck.

Ease of Use

First of all, you want to be sure your power bank is juiced up, so plug it into a wall wort or computer to top it off. You’ll get much faster results using a wall outlet than a computer. Then it’s only a matter of laying your Apple Watch right on the charging puck and you’re off to the races. Sometimes you may have to push the side button to tell the power bank to start sending juice to the watch, but usually it starts automatically. You can also plug your iPhone in via the USB Type-A port and juice that up, though you should remember this is only a 2,200mAh capacity so it won’t fill up your phone and watch completely. Overall, simple to use, very lightweight, and very portable.

Battery Life

With 2,200mAh of capacity, you can expect to charge your Apple Watch (depending on if it’s a 38mm or 42mm) at least a dozen times. If you use the USB Type-A port to charge another device, then your battery life will go down.

Ugreen Apple Watch power bank
You can charge your phone through it too


The price tag on the Ugreen Apple Watch power bank is a bit steep considering you can buy a larger (regular use) power bank for the same money or less. You’re paying for the MFi certification as well as for convenience here. It is nice to not have to bring along your Apple Watch charging puck and separate power bank, but you’ll have to decide if the $59.99USD price is worth it.

Wrap Up

A really nice solution to easy, on-the-go Apple Watch charging without having to bring your charging puck. Also MFi certified, which is a big deal if the device ever fries your Apple Watch.

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*We were sent a sample of the Ugreen Apple Watch power bank for the purposes of this review.

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