Utomic Edge review: The case for those who prefer a naked phone

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Most users generally purchase a case to protect their phones and most cases generally do a good job of that, but they usually fall short on looks. Most cases do a fantastic job of covering up what your phone looks like and not everyone is down with that. The Utomic Edge seeks to free your phone with its ultra minimalistic design and in that it succeeds in spades. Read on for the full Utomic Edge review for iPhone.

What’s In The Box

  • Installation sleeve
  • Utomic Glass screen protector
  • Cleaning accessories
  • Instructions

Utomic Edge


Four protective nubs that cover the corners of your phone, that is all. When Utomic says minimal, they mean minimal. The company wants the design of the phone to take center stage and not the design of the case. In this case, pun not intended, the Utomic Edge really is just not there. They are well designed and they don’t scream out that they’re there and if you love minimalism then you’ll love this design.

The company also sent over their Utomic Loop ($19.99USD) kickstand and Utomic Connect data cable ($29.99USD). Both are designed nicely, the kickstand has a sticky back which you adhere to your phone and the ring acts as a holding loop or a kickstand. I personally didn’t like having it on the back of the phone as it does take away from the aesthetic of the phone but it does serve a function some may find useful. The Utomic Connect is a very nicely designed cable that supports fast charge (2.4A) and Rapid Sync and has a braided design that is great for not tangling. While we are reviewing the Utomic Edge here, we did want to mention those two offerings from Utomic since they included them in the box.


Installing the Utomic Edge is made super-easy with the installation sleeve the company includes in the package. The sleeve helps you to place each corner edge onto your device just the right way. It is important that you clean the edges with the included alcohol wipe to get grease and grime off, otherwise, the adhesive may not stick properly. Once you place each edge on and apply some pressure to each corner, you just have to give it a day for the adhesive to properly cure. That’s pretty much it.

With the Utomic Glass screen protector, you just need to ensure the screen is clean by using the included cleaning accessories. Once the screen is clean and free of dust, simply line up the glass to the home button and lay it on evenly. The glass screen protector should go on without bubbles, though I would caution you to take extra care in lining it up as lifting it off to realign doesn’t work out so well. Overall the installation isn’t hard but you really should follow instructions to the letter as you’re dealing with adhesives that lose their integrity if you continually lift and shift them.

Utomic Edge


Let’s be frank here, this is a minimal product and isn’t intended for extreme conditions or for those who may continually drop their device. The minimalistic design is great for those who want their phone to show and it provides decent protection from short drops and corner drops. The glass screen protector is an added bonus to the system as most of these glass protectors do a great job of taking a good blow.

If you happen to drop your phone on a flat surface, you’re most likely going to be protected pretty well here, drop it on something like a gravel surface, you may not get the same protection. Overall these should be sufficient for normal everyday short drops, but if you need heavy duty protection, you may look elsewhere.

Utomic Edge


The Utomic Edge sells for $34.99USD which would seem like a hefty price to pay for four protective corners, but you have to factor in the included glass screen protector which adds to the value. I think this is priced right around the same as the competition but is on the higher end of the price range for similar products.

CORRECTION: We initially indicated that the Utomic Glass would be included with the Utomic Edges but that was inaccurate. Utomic reached out to us and let us know that the screen protector is sold separately from the Utomic Edge. The company has extended a coupon code for our readers to make up for this error, you can use the coupon code TECHAERIS25 at checkout to get 25% off when you bundle the Edges and Glass screen protector together.

Wrap Up

The Utomic Edge is perfect for the minimalist who just needs that little bit of drop protection and assurance.

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*We were sent a sample of the Utomic Edge for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on February 6, 2017.


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