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Xbox Live Gold provides some really great perks for Xbox owners and gamers but you need to pay the $60USD a year entry fee to get those. Or do you? What if I was to tell you that you could get Xbox Live Gold for free just by searching the web? Now, this trick isn’t some great secret, nor is it some sort of hack or backdoor. This is probably the most legit way to get your Xbox Live Gold membership for free, and it works! I know because I haven’t paid for a membership in the past two years.

So how do you do it? Earn Microsoft Rewards points by using Bing and Microsoft Edge to do your web searches. Here’s what you have to do to start getting points and stacking them up to earn your free Gold membership.

  • Sign up for a Microsoft account
  • Login to Bing with your Microsoft account
  • Login to Edge with your Microsoft account
  • Microsoft Edge: Earn up to 5 points per day, 5 points per hour, for actively browsing with Microsoft Edge. Counter updates hourly.
  • Other browsers: Earn up to 150 points per day, 5 points per search on PC.
  • Mobile browsers using Bing: Earn up to 100 points per day, 5 points per search on mobile.
  • Set your goal on your Microsoft Rewards dashboard to remind you to cash in your points when you reach that goal.

Xbox Live Gold


That’s it. That’s all there is to it. Using Bing and Edge to do your daily web searching will rack up your Microsoft Rewards points which you can then cash in for a free 12-month Gold membership. Now, before you go and start using Bing like a madman there are a few things you have to know. Microsoft does limit the number of points you can rack up. You should also know, that if you don’t really like Bing or Edge, you can simply get your daily points for searching then go back to Google and Chrome. If you’re a diehard Google fan and refuse to use Bing or Edge at all, well, then this method just isn’t going to work for you.

The nice thing about using this method to get Gold for free is you can stack up your rewards as you earn them. I’m paid up for Gold through 2018 already and am well on my way to having 2019 paid as well. If you want to save some cash this is one easy way to do it.

Oh, a heads up for anyone outside the U.S. We can’t confirm this method works in your country, we do know that Microsoft Rewards do not work in Canada but other countries are unverified.


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