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It’s fairly safe to say that a good percentage of people now own a smartphone. The smartphone has fast become a primary device for many of these people, but it has its limits too. The Mirabook is looking to break the smartphone free of its small screen and showcase the power inside. With the Mirabook you can turn your smartphone into a useable laptop that’s much cheaper than buying a separate device. Why spend so much on a laptop when Mirabook can harness the hardware inside that already expensive smartphone?

Miraxess is a French Start-up developing Mobile Convergence since 2015. This crowdfunding campaign is a turning point and lots of things will change afterwards. You have the power to bring the next PC Mobile Revolution on the market.

In a world where mobile has triumphed, Miraxess launches The Mirabook, a true extension to give the smartphone all the capacities of a laptop. A large full HD Display, a keyboard, a touchpad, extra storage and a high capacity battery that instantly creates the ultimate laptop – of which you already own half.


As Consumers increasingly depend on their Smartphone to organize their personal and professional lives, it is becoming evident that the traditional computer has been replaced by the Smartphone as the main servant of our digital needs. The PC market and worldwide deliveries keep declining: -5.7% in the 3rd quarter of 2016 and -3.3% for EMEA[1]. This can be explained among others by the emerging markets where People choose Smartphones over PCs.

The Mirabook Extension fits into this natural movement that makes the Smartphone the universal engine of our activities. Miraxess reinvents the laptop and focuses on a small handheld computer, the Smartphone.

The project is now live on Indiegogo and is about 35% funded as of this article. The early bird pricing is $180USD which isn’t a bad price at all, if you’re expecting this technology to be useful to you. It will be interesting to see the first reviews that come back on this device and to see if it really can be what it says it can be.

Check out the Mirabook Indiegogo at the link below and Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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