Lulz!? Someone claims this is the final design of upcoming iPhone 8

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hehWe’re often asked why we write about rumors and speculation well because people enjoy reading and discussing such things, especially when it comes to Apple. We’re often skeptical about these rumors ourselves and often have the same reaction to most of them — LULZ! There’s a boatload of lulz to be had for the latest speculative set of design schematics out on the internet now. Someone is claiming these particular renderings are the actual final design of the 10th anniversary iPhone… to which we say again… lulz?

It’s still very early to be calling anything a final design for the iPhone 8 especially going off of “leaked” renders. I will say that these particular renders look better than some of the other leaks we’ve seen in the past. From what we see here, the bezels are pretty non-existent all the way around this version of the iPhone 8. The screen isn’t off the edges like the Galaxy S8 but the bezels are fairly thin. It even appears as if the bezels may form a lip around the display, sort of like a case. That could be an optical illusion to my eye or I’m just simply insane.

iPhone 8 heh 2
Very thin bezels, almost lip like.
iPhone 8 heh 3
Still the same familiar shape.
iPhone 8 heh 4
The fingerprint scanner and sensors are shown embedded in the screen.

These leaks still continue to suggest Apple has the fingerprint scanner/home button embedded in the screen, which we hope is true. Samsung wasn’t able to embed the scanner in the screen and we’re not sure why but that would be a welcome addition to the iPhone. My thought is that if Samsung was unable to do it, Apple is likely going to have issues making it work as well. I’m not ready to say this is the final design, but I guess it’s anyone’s guess.

What do you think of these leaked iPhone 8 “final design” renders? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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