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If you are planning on building a WordPress site for your business, then you will definitely find this article very helpful in your project. While website creation through WordPress might be quite simple and self-explanatory, especially if you have a background in website building and information technology, you will still find the tips below very helpful in order for your upcoming website to be known by various users on the internet. Take note, creating a website is very easy while making your website known and appear in the first few pages on the search engines is another story – which is definitely far from being simple. Although with the 5 tips below, you will definitely find things more interesting and simpler.

Choose the Best WordPress Host Server

Choosing the website host for your upcoming website is very important. It is one of the essential parts that will help your website succeed. Website hosts are servers that will provide you space, technology and other services that will allow your website to be viewed on the internet. Meaning, the better hosting services you have, the better chances of your website to succeed.

There are many kinds of website hosts that are offered by different companies and they vary from different price ranges and services offered. The two most common types of WordPress hosts are managed and shared hosts. Shared hosts are generally the cheaper of the two. And from the word itself, shared hosts offer a shared space to its clients, meaning the server in which you will make your website will be shared among other users. Memory, speed, bandwidth, security and other resources will be shared. While this is may sound bad, as long as your website only needs basic and light resources then going for a shared host is still okay.

On the other hand, managed shared hosts are more expensive but have better and exclusive services. You will get to enjoy sole and exclusive use of memory, bandwidth, speed and other resources. You will also have the freedom to create several security layers for your data. Furthermore, you can install additional plug-ins and features to enhance the user experience of your website. In the end, it is you, the creator and head planner of the website that will have to decide on which host is the best WordPress hosting for your project. As long as you list all your needs and requirements, then you will definitely find the right hosting service for your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the most effective and common technique that is implemented in order to optimize the websites into appearing in the top choices when a search about a certain topic is done.

In SEO, targeted keywords, meta tags, image tagging, and hyperlinks are the basic tools in order to optimize the website. Make sure to use SEO techniques in your website in order to improve your rankings in the search engines.

Update Plug-ins and other Features

Always take time to check for updates on your plug-ins and other installed applications is important. They can greatly enhance and optimize your website. Although, when doing updates, do a quick calculation if the update will ruin your codes or be incompatible with other existing applications or increase the loading and rendering time of your website. Consistency is key, make sure that your website will be better upon update.


Nobody is perfect, even computers are very prone to errors, especially human caused errors. There are also malware, virus, Trojan, and other online attacks that may cause significant data loss. That is why, even if you have several security layers set up, make sure that you do a back-up of your important data.

High-quality Content

Aesthetics, useful plug-ins, SEO, fast rendering and loading time are the initial tactics that you must employ in order to attract users. What comes afterwards is high-quality and related content. Make sure that your website is meaningful, useful and user-friendly in order for the visitors to stay and check out your website. Make sure that content is engaging and is filled with simple terms that ordinary users will understand. Simple but concise is the key in this last step.

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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