Casey Neistat is under FAA investigation for NYC drone flying

Casey Neistat

Today, the YouTube personality revealed in his latest video that he is under investigation by the FAA.

Casey Neistat has had a very interesting YouTube and film career and is a multi-talented personality for certain. Casey Neistat is also a fan of drones and a fan of the cinematic video captures a drone can take. If you’ve ever seen his YouTube videos, you know that most of them inevitably have some sort of dramatic drone shot in them. Today, the YouTube personality revealed in his latest video that he is under investigation by the FAA. This investigation prevents him from flying drones anywhere in New York City and the subject matter of his video was the new DJI Spark drone. Watch the video below (1:35 mark).

Opinions on the matter have already started appearing on drone forums on the internet with many praising the FAA for investigating Neistat.

  1. At LONG last. I’m disappointed that the FAA took so long to investigate. I’m still very disappointed that DJI continue to support him by sending him pre-release hardware to review.
    Kids look up to him. He needs to set a better example.
  2. That is the type of clown that gets us regulated right out of flying. Maybe I have to drive 15 miles to fly in an unrestricted zone. So be it. A seagull brought down a huge jetliner in the Hudson. The Mavic is a **** of a lot harder than a seagull.
  3. Yep seen it too, And I concur its about time. Dude probably thought he was above the law. He has enough money to pay the fine, but he might have to serve some time, But yes it was long overdue, he should have got a warning from them a long time ago at-least.
  4. Had to happen sometime. There’s no way you can ignore regulations and upload proof of it for millions of people to see and get away with it.

I’ve been watching Casey Neistat videos for awhile now and I had never given any thought to his drone flying in NYC. I had always assumed he had the proper authorization and or permits to get the footage he was able to get. It seems that wasn’t the case. Perhaps Neistat will comment further on the matter in a future video, we will also try and reach out for further comment from him. Maybe he’s pulling everyone’s chain?

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