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When you start to amass a rather large collection of headphones, eventually you’re going to want a way to display some of your favorites. Headphone stands provide means to do just that, as well as keep your headphones close by when needed. The Just Mobile HeadStand Avant provides a practical and stylish way to display your headphones, and I’ll talk more about it in this full review.


  • Compatible with the most headphones
  • Solid Aluminum
  • Precision engineered polished stand with radial brush base
  • Simple assembly
  • Perfect balance

What’s in the Box

  • HeadStand Avant
Everything you need, before assembly.


The Just Mobile HeadStand Avant has a relatively simple, yet still stylish design. The base is a circular aircraft-grade aluminum with a radial finish and a five inch diameter. The bottom of the base includes a grey rubbery material to help keep the stand from slipping and sliding around on your desk. Rising from the back of the base is an 11 ½” post, which is very slightly thicker at the base before tapering up to its normal width after about an inch. The cross-bar sits just under an inch from the top of the post, and extends about 3 ¼” before ending in a smaller (2”) circular end piece that screws onto the top of the cross-bar. You’ll see the Just Mobile J|M logo in small letters in the center of the circle once the whole stand is put together. That’s the only branding you’ll see and it’s small and tasteful. The HeadStand Avant is available in either black or silver.

The base has a nice radial design.


Putting the HeadStand Avant together is quick and easy. The stand comes in a total of six pieces, some of which come attached but need to be separated briefly during the assembly process. The base is its own part, while the post has a screw pre-installed in the bottom as well as a small section that screws onto the top. You’ll first want to un-screw the bottom screw, attach the post to the base, and then secure the screw back into the post from the bottom of the base. The top of the post should be unscrewed, which allows the cross-bar to slide right on. With the top of the post re-secured, the front circular end piece screws onto the cross-bar. That was really the only difficult part of the setup, as the front piece did not want to thread properly for me the first few times. Otherwise, you’re all set and ready to hang your favorite pair of headphones.

Ease of Use

It really doesn’t get any easier than this. Pick a place on your desk, nightstand, table, wherever, and put the HeadStand Avant there. Place the headband of your headphones over the top of the cross-bar, and that’s really all there is to it. The tall post size will accommodate headphones of nearly any size or style.

Assembled and ready to go.


Having just a singular cross-bar with a pretty small overall diameter, you may want to be careful what kinds of headphones you put on the stand, or how long you leave them there. The one concentrated point of contact can dent or divot the headbands of your headphones. This won’t be a problem with all headphones by any means, and the dents will almost certainly go away after a short time, but if you plan to “set it and forget it” you could conceivably cause a small amount of damage to the headband of your headphones. Aside from that, this really is a nice way to display your headphones and keep them up and off of your desk.

These headphones look fantastic on the HeadStand Avant, though the soft leather headband does show some dents when left too long.


The Just Mobile HeadStand Avant is priced at $39.95 USD. The all aluminum construction is definitely very nice, and there are some aluminum headphone stands that cost more than this, but I just think a price closer to $30 might be a bit easier to swallow. I would absolutely pay $40 if there were just a bit more material on the cross-bar that would prevent the denting that I saw on some of my headphones.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for a stylish way to display your headphones the Just Mobile HeadStand Avant is absolutely stylish. You’ll want to be careful with the type of headband that you place on the stand as some denting can occur. If you just need a very simple but stylish stand, the HeadStand Avant does fit the bill.

*We were sent a review sample of the Just Mobile HeadStand Avant for the purposes of this review.

Just Mobile HeadStand Avant

$39.95 USD





Ease of Use






Nailed it

  • Design is stylish and classy
  • Tall enough to support even oversized headphones
  • All aluminum construction is solid

Needs work

  • You'll need to be a bit careful about what type of headphones you put on this stand

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