Microsoft Rewards are now available to users in the U.K.


Microsoft Rewards was previously called Bing Rewards and was previously only open to U.S. users. Now Microsoft Rewards are opening up to users in the U.K. and it offers some nice incentives. We’ve covered Microsoft Rewards in the past in our How To: Get Xbox Live Gold for free article. The Rewards program is basically an incentive for users to conduct their internet searches using Bing instead of Google or other search engines. It’s a good way for Microsoft to get people to use Bing and try to pull some market away from Google.

As I discussed in my how to article, I’ve been getting Xbox Live Gold for free using the rewards program but there are several other ways you can spend your points. Gift cards, Xbox games, giveaway entries and more are available to spend your points on. There are some rules to be aware of and extra incentives to note. Microsoft isn’t so dumb that they wouldn’t limit the number of points you can get per day so there is a limit.

While there is a limit, there are also a few ways you can maximize the points you get and earn stuff more quickly. Many people only use Bing on the desktop and usually through Chrome. While you can get your points this way, you could get more points if you use Microsoft Edge as well. Microsoft Edge isn’t all that bad and it’s not like you have to use it all day. Simply use it until you max out your points then switch back to Chrome. Once on Chrome, you can max out the points you can get using Bing in Chrome as well.

To go even further, you can earn even more points if you use Bing search on mobile. Bing also offers quizzes and games from time to time that can earn you points. Express UK calls this a scheme but I like to think of it as a good marketing tactic. Bing really has changed over the past few years and it’s actually very good. Google is still leading as far as the market share but in terms of functionality, Bing will get you nearly the same results now.

Since I’ve been using Microsoft Rewards I’ve gotten years of Xbox Live Gold for free and now I use Bing for 95% of my internet searches. The program isn’t going to appeal to everyone but it’s out there and if you like some free stuff, you can use it to get some great goodies. The beauty of it is, you don’t have to use it all the time, just max out those points and go back to your preferred search engine. U.K. users can sign up at this link and check out for themselves. You will need a Microsoft account to sign up.

What do you think of Microsoft Rewards? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on June 1, 2017.

Microsoft Rewards

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