Nogs DIY modular sunglasses promise a fresh look more often


If you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been expanding some of our coverage to include things like lawnmowers, diffusers and now sunglasses. While we love consumer technology products, we also know tech geeks use these products too. The Nogs DIY modular sunglasses now running on Indiegogo, promise to give you a fresh look more often for not a lot of money. The modular sunglasses can be interchanged between the lenses and frames offered by Nogs. It’s an interesting idea with my only concern being the durability of the sunglasses. Check out the video and information below, then hit the link at the end to back the project if you like it.

What if glasses could reflect your sense of style and follow you through your most avant-garde fashion statements? NOGS is the first innovative eyewear brand offering 100% modular frames. With this simple, original and fun concept, you build your own frames to meet your needs and desires of the day. A multitude of shapes, colors, and accessories gives free rein to your creativity. Choose your pack of 2, 3 or 4 frames and start expressing yourself 1,000 different ways.

Nogs are the first fully modular glasses where the frame dismantles into 4 pieces you can mix and match to create your own style. Taking apart and putting together Nogs is only a matter of seconds. No need to be an expert. and it’s as fun as Legos! And your get to play with a small tool to help you undo them. Why choose between pretty and long-lasting sunglasses?


Throw them in a bag without a case, drop them on the floor: the glasses are designed to get along with whatever you will put them through. Why live life in black and white only? Find your true color with Nogs range, from blush pink to bright red or matte black. It’s no use putting on sunglasses if they don’t actually protect your eyes. Nogs glasses are pretty AND efficient, certified 100% protection against UVA and UVB.

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