Sneaking contraband into prison via drones is becoming a thing


Prison is likely one of the last places anyone wants to find themselves, but many do. For these people, life changes the instant they step through those gates. Everything is monitored and there are items (known as contraband) not allowed within prison walls. Contraband can include, drugs, guns, adult material, cell phones, keys, and anything the prison deems dangerous or unnecessary for its prisoners. Over the years the attempts to smuggle contraband into prisons has ranged from loved ones carrying it in, to even guards bringing items in for prisoners.

Now the smuggling of illegal items into prisons is crossing over into the 21st century, Using drones to smuggle items into prisons is on the rise and according to officials, it’s unbelievable easy to do. Because many prisons currently do not have any sort of drone security measures, it’s not as hard as you would think to get them inside.

In one particular instance at a high-security federal prison in Victorville, California, inmates recruited someone with a drone to fly two mobile phones into the facility in March 2015. However, considering the drones managed to enter the prison seemingly undetected, officials didn’t discover the transfer of illegal goods for five months.

While these drones are being used to smuggle things like drugs and adult material, the scarier contraband item being smuggled in are weapons. According to the report in the Inquisitr, there has been a dozen confirmed incidents over the past five years. This doesn’t seem like a lot but those are only confirmed attempts. There is no data to show how many successful attempts there have been and this problem is not just in the United States. Some prisons are taking measures by installing systems that can jam drone signals that fly past the prison perimeter. Still, there are a lot of prisons all over the world and that means a lot of systems will need to be deployed.

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Last Updated on December 21, 2018.


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