Warning: The FLX Blade electric mountain bike is NOT a toy


Most of us know how to ride a bike and many of us actually love it. But sometimes you’re just in need of a little more excitement from the norm and the FLX Blade may be able to deliver that. The FLX Blade has a 48V 1000W electric motor that’s certain to make your rides a little more exciting. The company says the bike is also built to high-level competition specs. They also clearly say that this bike is NOT a toy, so think twice when little Jimmy asks for one of these. I’d imagine these bikes are for the most adventurous and serious riders out there.

This electric monster will have your adversaries begging for forgiveness and your friends crying foul. Any more powerful and we’d have to cover this orgasmic beauty in government health warnings. GO wherever, DO whatever, just own it.

Engaging the most powerful legal motor of any e-Bike on the planet, the BLADE will propel you to the top of any climb at an astonishing rate. Race spec brakes, buttery smooth suspension and the most advanced gearing system ever to have graced the e-Bike world is the stuff wet dreams are made of.

FLX Blade

Core features and specifications of the FLX Blade include:

  • Position: Mid Motor
  • Construction: Gear Drive
  • Rated Voltage: (DCV) 48v
  • n0 (Rpm): 170
  • Rated Power: (W)1000
  • Max Torque: 160 N.m
  • Efficiency: (%)≥80
  • Pedal Sensor: Speed and Torque
  • Shaft Standard: ISIS
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: (kg)5.3
  • Noise Grade: (dB)<55
  • Operating Temperature: -20-45℃
  • Length: 235 mm
  • Height: 138 mm
  • Thickness: 150 mm

All of this isn’t going to come at a cheap cost though. The FLX Blade is going to cost you a cool $3,499USD for the base model. The Touring model goes up to $3,769USD and neither of those prices is for your leisurely twice a year rides. The bike looks like loads of fun, though I’d likely need a ride to the hospital waiting for me if I was ever to take a spin on one. 🙂

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Last Updated on September 8, 2017.

FLK Blade

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