If you missed Coldplay live, watching them on Samsung VR is the next best thing

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My bucket list is far too long to list and probably way too boring to share. That being said, there have been two bucket list moments in my life I’ve found worth sharing with my audience. First was seeing David Gilmour live and in concert. Second is having just seen Coldplay live and in concert. If you’ve never seen Coldplay live before can I just say, do it if you can! I know seeing Coldplay live isn’t probably everyone’s cup of tea and not everyone wants to spend the money to see them, so Samsung has the next best thing. You can now watch Coldplay live from Chicago in Samsung VR.

First, let me tell you that being at Soldier Field to witness this concert was mind-blowing. We were on the floor just about 20 rows back and 15 rows from the center (approximately) so our seats were great! There is nothing like taking in a live concert, especially one of this magnitude. Everything from the lighting, pyrotechnics, sound, and performance was spot on. Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion just did an amazing job entertaining us through the night.

The band did some classics like Yellow, The Scientist, and Fix You. They also did newer tunes like Adventure of a Lifetime, Amazing Day, and Up & Up. There was even what seemed a perfectly timed moment when it started raining and Martin sat at his keyboard and continued singing through it. Overall the entire concert was everything I expected and everything I could have hoped for.

All that being said, Coldplay and Samsung teamed up to bring this show into your living room. Coldplay Live from Chicago can now be found in the Samsung VR app using your Samsung Gear VR and compatible Samsung device. I wanted to check the VR version out for myself and sort of give a comparison to the live show.

Coldplay live
Coldplay Live in Chicago 2017 at Soldier Field.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I fired up the show. I knew there were plenty of cameras around, you could see them all over the stage as well as the one overhead. The opening of the show in VR starts off a bit slow, everything is pretty black and it’s a bit hard to see. Not at all like being there live. But when the intro finally wrapped up and Coldplay took the stage in VR, holy cow! What a crazy amazing view Samsung managed to capture!

It was pretty crazy how you feel like you’re on stage with the band. You could look down and see their pedal boards and set notes. You could look around the stage and out at the crowd. It was a pretty crazy experience and crazy fun as well. While I’m not ready to say that a VR concert is just as good as the real deal. I will say, I hope Samsung does more of these shows because I can’t catch them all live and having a VR version is a pretty solid experience.

I would recommend a good pair of headphones when viewing the Coldplay show on your Samsung Gear VR. The sound crew did an amazing job of capturing the audio on this show and it really shines through on a good pair of cans. If you can manage to find a good pair of over ear headphones even better.

Did you catch Coldplay live in Chicago? Or are you going to check them out on Samsung VR? Would you like to see Samsung bring more concerts to their VR platform? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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