Chamberlain adds Google Assistant and IFTTT integration to their smart garage door openers

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Google Assistant and IFTTT integration will cost $1/mth or $10/year (each) while HomeKit, Nest, and other integrations remain free.

Chamberlain and LiftMaster have officially added Google Assistant and IFTTT integration to their smart garage door openers. While the existing Chamberlain smart garage door openers utilize the MyQ app — and will continue to do so — the new options will provide additional functionality and even easier access and use of their Wi-Fi enabled garage door openers.

With Google Assistant integration, users can link their MyQ account to devices like Google Home and ask MyQ to report on the status of their garage door opener or even close it without having to open the app. For even more streamlined integration, IFTTT integration allows users to automate their Chamberlain and LiftMaster garage door openers and other MyQ-enabled devices. Some examples include closing your garage door automatically when you leave the house or turning on the lights and activating the thermostat when you return home.

Chamberlain’s new integration of these services isn’t without pushback, however, as they have decided to charge users $1/month or $10/year for each integration. If you want to use both, it will cost you $2/month or $20/year. Both integrations will offer a 30-day trial access for users to determine if it is indeed something they’re willing to subscribe to.

It’s definitely an interesting decision as other companies offer the integration at no additional charge. In addition, Chamberlain also offers other integrations for free which include Apple HomeKit, Nest, Xfinity Home, and Wink. Chamberlain has also stated that the purchase of any MyQ-enabled device will continue to include MyQ services as part of the purchase price. Some of these services include:

  • the ability to remotely open, close, and monitor the garage door via your smartphone or tablet
  • the ability to set custom notifications
  • access to your history
  • access to your Apple Watch
  • security features, including Touch ID and Android Fingerprint

Check out the full press release below and let us know what you think about the new integration and Chamberlain’s decision to charge a small monthly fee for Google Assistant and IFTTT support while offering free integration with HomeKit, Nest, and others.

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