The OG “Duke” Xbox controller is coming to the Xbox One

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Back in 2001, Mircosoft came out with their own gaming system called the Xbox to go up against Sony’s PlayStation line. It went on to be pretty popular and paved the way for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One S, and now the Xbox One X. I know I had one myself and loved it. To this day, I still have it and refuse to give it up. The one thing that the OG Xbox had was a controller unlike any other. It was a giant controller, dubbed the “Duke,” that made you feel as if you had small hands (or maybe it was just me).

Earlier this month, Seamus Blackley posted a picture of Duke up on Twitter to show the whole world some good ol’ nostalgia of what we knew back when the original Xbox came out and hinting that it was making a return. Seamus is now working with game accessory manufacturer Hyperkin to get this controller into people’s hands in time for the holidays. Hyperkin already has some renders to work with on what Duke will look like. One drawback though is that the original controller didn’t have bumper buttons that we’re used to today on the current controllers, so don’t expect to see any left or right bumpers. The black and white buttons above the ABXY buttons will be making a return as well.

While keeping the modern form of the current Xbox controller, you will see the Start and View buttons present towards the bottom just above the 3.5mm headphone jack that’s standard on these controllers. There’s one more thing that should catch your eye with this controller, the center Xbox logo that takes you to the home screen on today’s Xbox cotnrollers will actually be an LCD display showing the original boot up from the OG Xbox. As for now, the LCD will only show the boot cycle, but Hyperkin is trying out other methods for the display.

3.5mm jack for headphones

When this massive controller hits shelves during the holiday later this year, everyone will probably be flocking to get it, so, do you guys plan on purchasing one too? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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