Plex announces brand new Android Auto integration

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Plex fans rejoice! You will soon be able to use your Plex app with Android Auto! That’s right, you’ll have full access to your Plex music library for consumption through the Android Auto interface. As Plex says in their blog post, “cars aren’t exactly known for having great media control interfaces.” While streaming apps like Spotify, Pandora, and Play Music have become popular, there are some who still have a large personal library of music (on their Plex server) and this is a welcome integration.

Plex for Android Auto makes enjoying your music easier by seamlessly integrating with your car display. With larger touch areas, a simplified interface, and intuitive voice commands, you can quickly start enjoying your music and safely get to where you need to go. All you need to get started are the Android Auto and Plex for Android apps (a car helps, too). Interact with Android Auto from the app on your phone, your supported vehicle’s dashboard, or by using Google Voice. So, the next time you Office Space yourself into the wrong traffic lane and you’re stuck behind a semi, you can treat your own ears to the soulful sounds of Yakety Sax.

Android Auto
All of your Plex Music in your car.

Plex provided some sample voice commands you can use to connect with your content:

  • Play my ‘If you cut me off I’m going to blast this horn‘ playlist on Plex
  • Play ‘Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley‘ on Plex
  • Play ‘Life is a Highway by Tom Cochran‘ on Plex

Plex for Android Auto will be available to everyone in the next few days. If your vehicle doesn’t support it, you can still use the Plex app to access your music content and stream over Bluetooth or AUX.

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Last Updated on October 18, 2017.

Android Auto

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