Guardzilla 360 offers live 360-degree HD security camera viewing


So you want to install, or have installed, security cameras in your house. The issue with many cameras these days is the limited field of view which requires multiple cameras to be set up to cover an entire room or area. The Guardzilla 360 is aiming to change that and offers a full 360-degree HD view of whatever room you set it up in.

“Traditional Wi-Fi video monitoring cameras provide a very limited view of the environment, and clumsy walkie-talkie-like audio that hampers a user’s ability to connect and communicate with their home or small business,” said Guardzilla Chief Revenue Officer Terry Bader. “The Guardzilla 360 changes the game on home security by giving users the power to see and interact with their entire environment, live, from their smartphone, while also providing unsurpassed security features. It’s a giant leap forward for monitoring, protecting and communicating with your family, elderly parents, small business workers, and more.”

Instead of the usual 130 to 150-degree view, the Guardzilla 360 provides a live 360-degree field of view, 360-degree night vision, and 360-degree motion detection with instant phone alerts. The HD security camera also features two-way communication, a 100dB siren, PIR motion sensors, and geo-fencing for enabling or disabling the camera while the user is home or in range. Basic video storage is included for standard 8-second video clips and if users require storage of clips longer than that, cloud storage subscription programs are available starting at $4.99/month.

Features of the Guardzilla 360 include:

  • Live 360-degree HD video monitoring: Offers full panoramic viewing of the entire home or small business environment.
  • 360-degree night vision: Delivers the full security and viewing power of the Guardzilla 360 – even at night.
  • 360-degree motion detection: Provides protection and instant phone alerts for the entire environment, not just one-third of it, along with optional 100dB siren alerts.
  • Hub-less design: For the ultimate in installation simplicity.
  • Instant notifications: Configurable options for email and push alerts of events.
  • Programmable call buttons: Includes three configurable call buttons for simple one-touch push notifications to family, friends and emergency contacts.
  • Audio echo cancellation: Full duplex, 2-way audio capability integrates echo cancellation and noise reduction hardware and software to create the first full duplex communication experience in the category.
  • Geo-fencing: Leverages smartphone GPS technology to automatically arm or disarm the system when the user’s smartphone exits or enters the geo-fence perimeter.
  • UI de-warping: Proprietary algorithm enables re-rendering of raw video content via 3D mapping into panoramic viewable video.
  • UI gravity effect: Custom code creates downward drift gravity to reset previous 360-degree searches to the level, panoramic mode most users desire.
  • Video compression: Leading-edge video compression enables delivery of live, HD streaming 360-degree video via typical IP broadband bandwidth.
  • Motion event video capture and storage: Captures and stores high-resolution videos of detected events on the user’s smartphone, providing critical evidentiary documentation.
  • Connected home: Works with Google Assistant, Nest, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT.

The Guardzilla 360 HD security camera is available online and at various retailers with an MSRP of $229.99USD. What do you think about the Guardzilla 360? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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