Companies eager to show off tech at Summer 2020 Olympics in Tokyo


The 2020 Summer Olympics will take place in Tokyo, Japan, showcasing the best athletes in the world representing their individual nations. With the world’s attention, there is no doubt that sponsors plan to show off their premier and cutting-edge technology products while they have the opportunity.

In a practical approach, with athletes from more than 200 nations expected to participate, numerous language barriers can be difficult. To help, Panasonic is working on a small translator device that will instantly translate languages into Japanese — while app maker VoiceTra can translate almost 30 languages into text.

NTT has plans for a 3D telepresence so TV viewers are able to have a more immersive experience — with athlete holograms brought right into the living room.

The Olympics offers great opportunity, but can cost host cities dearly – Tokyo wants to use it as a global tech demo

Meanwhile, Toyota is developing hydrogen fuel technology, including fuel cells, cars, and other vehicles. Viewers can expect to see the hydrogen fuel cell Mirai and autonomous vehicle tech to be on full-display in Tokyo.

Panasonic wants to show off its Hospi autonomous delivery robot, eco-friendly household items, and other products during the games. Hospi began demonstration experiments at Narita International Airport and the ANA Crowne Plaza Narita hotel. Instead of human employees bringing goods, the robot is able to follow a preprogrammed map — paired with sensors and collision-avoidance software — can quickly and safely deliver additional amenities.

The Olympics can be a great time to promote products for sponsors and hopefully we get to enjoy superb competition and some fun geek stuff to check out. Expect visitors to Japan to also test various high-tech toilets while in Tokyo, with the government even supporting a tourism initiative focused on innovative bathrooms.

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