Dell Mobile Connect offers wireless PC/smartphone integration

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While there was a time when almost all our personal computing was done on a computer, times have changed and mobile devices are taking their fair share of our computing time. However, generally speaking, there is a disconnect between what we do on our computers and our smartphones. Sure, there are cloud-based solutions that allow you to sync and resume working on or reading files or other activities from one to the other but it’s not a very fluid process.

Dell Mobile Connect is a new PC software solution that will come pre-installed on consumer and small business Dell XPS, Alienware, Inspiron, & Vostro computers. The new software and accompanying Android or iOS app will allow users to make calls and send texts. In addition, Android users will be able to get notifications and mirror their phone to their PC to interact with mobile apps and games.

Some key features of Dell Mobile Connect include:

  • Avoid splitting your attention between your PC and smartphone while working, studying or playing a game. Get notified about your phone calls, SMS, IMs and other app notifications right from your PC screen and decide whether to respond. You control which app notifications come to your PC.
  • You will never miss a single call or notification from SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Venmo, and other mobile apps. Enjoy a more satisfying communications experience on your full-size PC keyboard, screen, and speakers.
  • Get direct access to your Android smartphone apps on your PC through the advanced mirroring function. Enjoy having your favorite mobile apps on your PC screen and control them with your PC keyboard, mouse, and touch display.
  • Using advanced Bluetooth and WiFi Direct technologies, you can keep your phone in your bag or anywhere within the wireless range and not miss any notifications. Hit pause to stop getting mobile notifications on your PC whenever you want.
  • Your data remains secure through a point-to-point connection between your smartphone and PC, never going through the internet or WiFi routers. Your phone data is only accessible on your paired PC while you are in range.

As mentioned above, Dell Mobile Connect uses Bluetooth and WiFi Direct technologies and can access your phone, once paired, as long as it is within wireless range. In addition to being able to utilize smartphone functionality on your computer, you can also transfer files like documents and photos between your Dell computer and your Android device.

What do you think of Dell Mobile Connect? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook and stay tuned for more CES 2018 coverage!


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