Like Uno? Mattel would be really happy if you’d buy Dos as well


In all honesty, I would have sworn this came from an article on The Onion, or some other farcical “news” source, but it really seems to be true. Mattel, makers of the popular card game Uno have been down on their luck lately. With the bastion of all toys, Toys R Us, closing a number of stores, the toy and game maker has had some financial problems lately as kids’ tastes have changed. They’re really hoping to turn things around with a relatively familiar formula: You like Uno? Let me tell you about its spiritual successor, aptly named Dos.

Now, I’m just as surprised that this is a thing as any of you, but apparently Uno has been one of the bright spots recently for Mattel, with sales up 12% in 2017. They aren’t placing all of their hopes on a card game update, they’ve still got Barbie and Hot Wheels to tinker with, but they are still hoping for a big success from Dos. The game has had a somewhat appropriate development period of two years, mainly to balance and be sure that the game is similar enough to Uno without being the exact same game.

If you’re familiar with the original, the new game should still be pretty familiar. Instead of one pile of cards, there are two. Players will also be able to throw down — you guessed it — two cards instead of the one card in the original game. Other rules are not immediately available, but look for the game to hit shelves at Target in March for $5.99 USD. Other stores should get Dos starting in August.

So… Are you a big enough fan of Uno that you’re going to want to pick up Dos when it’s available next month? Do you still feel like this may be some kind of weird joke? I know I still kind of do. Tell us what you think in the comment section below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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