Paragon may be dead but will live on in other games as Epic Games releases assets


Now this isn’t something you see every day… Epic Games announced that their F2P MOBA Paragon would be shutting down in April but it seems that won’t quite be the end of it. Earlier today, the company announced that over $12 million in Paragon assets — including characters, textures, animations, and environments — are now available for developers to use FREE OF CHARGE through the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

The initial Paragon assets released for Unreal Engine 4 developers to use were developed at a cost of over $12 million, but that’s not the end of it as Epic will be releasing more asset packs over the spring and summer.

Available Paragon assets include:

Characters: 20 Paragon Hero characters will be initially available including all skins for distinct character variants. The release also includes base meshes, thousands of textures, VFX and animation cycles, and dialogue with hundreds of sound cues. The character Shinbi comes with an animation Blueprint which can be tailored to specific needs. Epic sends special thanks to OTOY and 3D Scan Store for granting permission to keep intact the high-quality character materials using their facial and body scanning technologies as part of this release.

Environments: The Paragon release includes over 1,500 environment assets created for the Agora and Monolith maps, including a sample map for developers to use and customize as desired.

More to Come: Epic will release millions of dollars worth of additional Paragon asset packs beyond the initial $12 million offering through spring and summer 2018.

For beginner and seasoned developers alike, this is a pretty big jackpot as there are no strings attached for using them in their own projects. So if you’re one of those who have been playing Paragon, you just may find your favourite characters or recognize environments in future games.

What do you think about Epic Games “gift” to Unreal Engine 4 developers? Where do you think you might see some of these characters and environments show up in the future? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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