Audeara headphones are full-fidelity and customizable to your ears


Audeara headphones are the latest pair of cans to pop up offering up customizable sound tuned to your hearing. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign in March 2017 where the funding goal was reached in 15 hours, the Audeara headphones are now available for purchase. The company says the Audeara headphones protect users ears with sound tuning as well as offers up some really great sound.

Everyone has a degree of hearing loss. Not just as a result of every loud gig they’ve been to, every busy street they’ve walked down, or every police siren that’s ever gone past but also damage can be sustained purely by listening to their headphones too loud. More and more young people have some loss of hearing, an increasing number with the same hearing health aged 30 that people would usually associate with a 60-year-old.

Over the past two and a half years, Audeara has grown from a medical device company to a commercial business dedicated to improving the way people listen to music. Audeara headphones can be used to test and retest hearing over a lifetime and adapt music to the users’ individual needs. They make music better, not louder, and provide perfect sound, always. The first time the headphones are worn, the user completes a hearing test – the results of which, are subsequently stored in the headphones themselves. The headphones use this hearing profile to adjust the sound signal as it passes through them. They adjust the right ear differently from the left, making sure each part of the signal reaches the user’s brain in a way that’s heard as a perfect reflection of the intended signal.

What makes the Audeara headphones especially powerful is that all the technology is inside the headphones themselves. After the first test, the app isn’t required again unless the user wants to retest. This means headphones are no longer passive magnets for signal conversion, instead, they’re sophisticated tools for personalized sound reproduction.

Dr James Fielding, CEO Audeara commented, “The response from people who use the headphones for the first time is amazing. They’re usually overwhelmed at the difference in what they hear – and they wonder why they’ve been using off-the-shelf headphones for so long.”

What do you think of headphones that use software to tune the sound to your hearing? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on April 5, 2018.

Audeara headphones

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