Steven Spielberg will produce his first DC Comics movie


It appears that Steven Spielberg will enter into the world of DC Comic book movies. The director will produce a movie based on a squadron of ace pilots led by squadron leader, Blackhawk. The movie will focus on Blackhawk himself and will possibly feature the wartime action the comic book series is based upon.

Spielberg is also working with Warner Bros. Studios to make the film. The film follows Spielberg’s success with Ready Player One, also a Warner Bros. film. David Koepp — of Jurassic Park notoriety — will pen the script.

A press release from the studio highlights the comic itself and what it’s based upon. Here’s what it said:

In the world of comics, Blackhawk is a wartime adventure series focusing on the titular Blackhawk, who commanded a squadron of ace pilots also known as the Blackhawks or the Blackhawk Squadron. The squadron would battle the Axis powers, as well as more fantastic super-villains and war machines, such as the memorable shark planes, which could operate in water as well as in the air. While the team debuted in 1941 in the heart of comics’ Golden Age, they’ve also been adapted to the modern era as a part of The New 52 and have spawned a well-known DC heroine, Lady Blackhawk, who joined the series in the late 1950s.

Warner Bros’ Picture Group chairman, Toby Emmerich, is thrilled about Spielberg’s involvement. “We can’t wait to see what new ground he will break in introducing Blackhawk to movie audiences worldwide,” he said.

There is still a lot about the film that’s up in the air. For instance, there isn’t a set release date for the movie yet and there’s also a question on if the movie will stand on its own or if it’ll fall into the DC expanded universe. Only time will be able to answer those questions.

Are you excited to see more DC movies come out? What do you think about Spielberg’s involvment? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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