Track Amazon packages in real time with Amazon Map Tracking


If you’ve ever ordered anything from the internet, you’ve probably had that tracking page loaded up in a tab and hit refresh to track its progress.  Unfortunately, for the most part, we’ve been relegated to fairly generic updates like “In Transit,” “Shipment Delayed,” or “Out for Delivery.” Heck, I’m waiting for a delivery that’s supposed to be here today but have no idea where it is. Of course, “Out for Delivery” is the one we all like to see but even then you have no idea what time or when the package will be dropped off at your residence or place of business.

Amazon announced a new featured last year which rolled out for limited testing to some Amazon users. That feature, Amazon Map Tracking, is now available to anyone in the U.S. who orders a package from the company and allows you to track Amazon packages in real time. Amazon Map Tracking will not only give you a time estimate for your package delivery but will also show you the approximate location of the delivery vehicle and how many more stops the driver has between his or her current location and your house.

“The Amazon Map Tracking feature is another delivery innovation we are working on to improve convenience for our customers and provide them greater visibility into their deliveries,” said Amazon spokeswoman Alana Broadbent.

Of course, that now means you can go from refreshing your tracking page to once in a while to refreshing the Amazon app every five minutes to check on the location of your package.

This is just the latest move by the online retailer to make deliveries easier for customers. Earlier this year, Amazon started requiring delivery drivers to take a picture of the house number and location where they left the package as extra proof of delivery. Last month, the company also announced they could also deliver packages directly to your vehicle — if you have the right make or model of course.

What do you think about some of the new delivery features Amazon has unveiled over the past few months? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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