Quantum & Woody! #7 review: Can I get a KLANG?

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Quantum & Woody are brothers who were in a crazy lab accident that gave them superpowers. Quantum can create force fields while Woody can shoot energy blasts. They each wear a quantum band on one wrist that keeps the energy within them stable. The kicker though, they have to KLANG the bands together once every 24 hours to keep the stability going. Oh… and their father’s life essence got sucked into a goat.

Quantum & Woody! (Valiant) is a hilarious book with tons of one-liners and plenty of action. They make fun of both sides of the political spectrum equally and you just can’t get mad at them when they’re blasting your side because 9 times out of 10, you know they have a point. I absolutely love this book.

Quantum & Woody #7In the last issue (the only ongoing Valiant issue to cross over with Harbinger Wars 2), the brothers’ bands stopped working when Livewire killed all of the electronics in the country. Without the bands working, they had less than 24 hours before their energy and their physical forms would go into the ether. However, the city needed heroes. Without power or electronics, bad things were happening all over the city and the brothers had to help. In the last issue, we got a much-needed respite from the humor and saw the brothers in a very serious light. When all was said and done, as expected, they ran out of time…

As a result, this issue starts off with a faux Superman beginning for Quantum (down to the cape, which is a no-no in the Valiant Universe) because he yearns to be a hero, while Woody is seeing a psychiatrist and feels like something strange is going on. Most of the issue is finding out about this new reality they are still existing in and how to get out of it. It’s another serious issue and, while not a flashback, a dream-like sequence of events.

Have no fear though. The writer Eliot Rahal has already stated online that the humor will be returning next month. While I kind of wished and needed more of it this month, I’m okay with that. This is such a good book all around that even on a serious dreamscape issue, it’s still worth picking up. The art by Francis Portela is perfect for the style of the book, even when the humor is muted, the art within the panels let the underlying “funny” come shining through.

Wrap Up

Quantum & Woody is such a good book that there really is no bad place to jump on board. Pick it up and you won’t be sorry.


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