Firefox will be giving users the ability to block autoplaying sound on websites


We’ve all had to deal with it, autoplaying sound and video. You know, those times when you open a website and you’re suddenly broadcasting a Doritos commercial to the entire office. Thankfully, Chrome gave us the ability to configure websites that have autoplaying sound and video. Now, Firefox is following suit by adding the feature to their own browser. It’s a welcome addition for those of us who have just recently switched to Firefox.

But don’t get too excited. These are nightly releases which means you’ll need to be running the beta version of Firefox. You’ll have to be patient and allow the team to get the development bugs out before you see it on stable. For now, you can still mute a site by right-clicking on the offending tab and muting the tab. This new feature will be giving you a bit more control and it will do it automatically.

The autoplay blocking option works only in the Nightly test version of Firefox for now, but it’s scheduled to arrive in the main version of the browser in October. The update also includes greater promotion of tracking protection, which blocks website publishers and advertisers from running software that follows your online behavior.

It will be interesting to see how well the feature works once it’s on the stable version of Firefox. Google Chrome also experimented with autoblocking but had to pull it back due to some sites being blocked which people didn’t want blocked. So we’ll see how Firefox handles it.

What do you think of Firefox adding this feature to the nightly updates? Let us know in the comments below or on GooglePlus, Twitter, or Facebook.

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